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Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts is a dynamic Christian leader and writer, with a passion for empowering men to live boldly and fearlessly for the Lord Jesus Christ. As a church elder, teacher, and men’s ministry leader at Bayfair Baptist Church, he is dedicated to helping men grow in their faith and embrace their calling as disciples of Christ.

Scott was born and raised in Missouri and now resides in the Greater Toronto, Ontario Metro Area with his wife and family. He is a devoted husband, father, and stepfather, and is committed to serving his community and church through his leadership and writing.

With a background in writing, blogging, and voice-over work, Scott has previously established himself as a leading authority in the fiery foods and BBQ industry, with a popular food blog and regular appearances on BBQ Central Radio Show. He has also been featured in numerous media outlets, including radio, NPR, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

In recent years, Scott has felt a calling to focus on scriptural and spiritual matters and has devoted his writing to exploring topics such as faith, men’s ministry, theology, and apologetics. His articles can be found on his website, ScottRoberts.org, and he has also contributed to Soulcon Ministries as a former Captain of Team Canada and devotional writer.

Recognizing a need for a comprehensive men’s ministry curriculum, Scott has developed Warrior Disciple, a hard-hitting book designed to train men to be bold, passionate disciples of Jesus Christ in all areas of life. Scheduled for release in early 2023, this long-term study tool is ideal for small groups or church-wide programs. Warrior Disciple is a hard-hitting book that aims to train men to be bold men of God when it comes to marriage, parenting, leading and loving others, being evangelists, and being all-around fearless and passionate disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through his writing, leadership, and passion for fitness and physical health, Scott embodies the principles of “Rak Chazak Amats!” (“strong and courageous” in Hebrew) and is an inspiring role model for men of all ages and backgrounds.