Men's Ministry Program Book - Warrior Disciple

Warrior Disciple is the Ultimate Men’s Ministry Tool!

The new Warrior Disciple book is your 21st Century manual for guiding men on a Biblical quest to becoming the man that God has called you to be.

Divided into adaptable modules, Warrior Disciple is designed to fit whatever frequency you and your fellow brothers in Christ meet and study together, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Don’t wait! Grab a few copies for you and your buddies, or for the men’s ministry at your church. Order today!

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Men's Ministry Program

Warrior Disciple is a fully customizable, fully adaptable program designed to easily plug into your local church men's ministry.

Discipleship System

From 2 to 12 to 120 men, the Warrior Disciple System can be used to train multiple individuals to walk closer with Christ.

Today's Men's Topics

Important issues that men face - marriage, parenting, sin, temptation, prayer, and more - all with a biblical foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Training Godly Men

Learn how to be the leader and Christian man, husband, father, and brother that God has called you to be.

Small Groups

Start a group outside your church with dedicated Christian friends around our figurative "campfires" using Warrior Disciple .


Warrior Disciple is super simple to implement. All you need is a copy of the book, and two or more men to go through the study.

How Warrior Disciple Works

Except for the cost of the Warrior Disciple book, this is a free program for building men into dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ.

Learn more about how Warrior Disciple works